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55 Gallon Rain Barrel

55 Gallon Rain Barrel

55 Gallon Rain Barrel

Reclaimed food grade drum is now your Rain Barrel. These 55 Gallon drums are all assembled and ready to go. All you do is place under the gutter spout. Use water from the rain to nourish your plants, fill your bird baths and all sorts of uses! Stop using treated drinking water to wash your car. Keeps rain out of the sewer systems and aids the environment. It also keeps this barrel out of the landfill! Includes the overflow valve with 4 feet of tubing to direct overflow into a second or third barrel or into your natural drains. Basket under the gutter keeps debris from going into the barrel from your roof. Brass spigot that fits any regular garden hose to fill watering cans and water your garden. Everything is included, you will not need anything else to get started! However, we do reccommend placing it on a platform of some kind. In the picture you can see ours on a simple riser of 2 pieces of pressure treated wood in an X formation. This helps with gravity flow out the tube for more water pressure. Use cinder block or bricks or anything that will raise it about 6-8 inches. Available in Blue Sorry, local pick up only, or we can drop off in western New York for a small $10.00 fee.



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