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Tee-Shirt, VICTORY (Comes in 3 sizes)

Tee-Shirt, VICTORY (Comes in 3 sizes)

Tee-Shirt, VICTORY (Comes in 3 sizes)

Tee-Shirt, VICTORY (surrounding defeat). If you look closely, the word DEFEAT is superimposed into the word victory. It is printed on dark grey with black writing. These shirts are 100% organic cotton with all natural inks. None of the ink is run-off so there is zero waste produced. At Greenbuffalollc.com, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality natural ingredients and materials wherever we can. These tee-shirts are a perfect example. We never know where our next design idea is going to come from. If you have a great idea, please let us know! Let your friends and family know that you got your organic products at greenbuffalollc.com.

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